Barnyard Swing

LOCATION: 4604 State Highway 28, Cooperstown (just south of Commons Plaza and Grand Union).

  • Open daily starting May 3 from noon to 6pm;
  • May 25 through Labor Day from 11am-9:30pm.
  • CLOSED MAY 17, 18 and 19 to celebrate the Law School graduation of our son!

Team Parties

We would love to host your team event any evening…book early to reserve your date on our calendar! Located next door to Dreams Park in Cooperstown, we offer a convenient location with plenty of parking. 

Call Marcy at 607-376-1853 to schedule your date.

Activities at the Barnyard include:  

  • 18 holes outdoor miniature golf  (TEAM rate= $9)
  • Gem Panning for gems ($10, $12, $25 depending on size) 
  • Creek side fossil hunt kit with information about our local fossils  ($5) 
  • Dairy Barn with lots of ice cream! Soft and hard. Including Dole Pineapple Whip, shakes, malts, banana splits, etc.. 
  • Build a Buddy Teddy Bear Studio  $18 or $25 sizes  
  • Digital Ball Wall interactive game area indoors ( $20 per 30 minutes of play (this is new this year) 
  • Beer and hard ciders on tap 

Details (From Flyer Above)

Team Party Information Flier – Barnyard Swing (next door to Dreams Park)

Miniature Golf and Fun Center- Team Party Information for your parents- please email this out to parents so that everyone has the information.

We will reserve the Barnyard Swing for your private group starting at 6:30- 7:00pm, and wrapping up at 9:30pm. Parents and grandparents can start heading over after the 4:30 game- so usually around 6:45-7:00. We will have the front deck at the barn reserved (umbrella tables and chairs), and we have many ADK chairs scattered about… so you can sit, relax, grab a beer or soda (no outside alcohol allowed as per NYS law), use the bathroom, and chill until your group arrives. 

We schedule the parties from approximately 7:15- 9:30pm as this allows us to utilize the barn for your food and allows an indoor/outdoor option if weather is not cooperating. We do not charge a fee for use of facilities as we expect people to golf and utilize the activities available. Beer and hard ciders sold here are allowed on the golf course. We have chairs, tables, ADK chairs all around.

We charge a group rate for those parents/children who are miniature golfing.. Group rate (and this is for all including siblings) is $9.00 per person for miniature golf (per game- not unlimited play.) Your team needs to decide ahead of time if they will be paying individually or if the Team Organizer will foot the cost of a group of golf tickets to hand out to the players (this is what most teams do)… be clear about this because the kids (and parents) arrive and think everything is paid for, and kids tend to start grabbing things. Also, we do require some parents to be outside with their kids (you can bring a drink!)… keeping your eye on them. We simply do not have staffing to watch all the kids, and there may be a few other families utilizing the golf course. For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, this is important (plus the kids love it when parents play!) Often teams will have parents pay for additional activities for their kids.

Activities at the Barnyard include:

  • 18 holes outdoor miniature golf (regular rate $10 but TEAM rate=$9
  • Gem Panning for gems ($10, $12, $25 depending on size)
  • Creek side fossil hunt kit with information about our local fossils ($5)
  • Dairy Barn with lots of ice cream! Soft and
    hard. Including Dole Pineapple Whip,
    shakes, malts, banana splits, etc..
  • Build a Buddy Teddy Bear Studio $18 or $25 sizes
  • Digital Ball Wall interactive game area indoors
    For your use(this is new this year)
  • Beer and hard ciders on tap

How it works:
You reach out to a catering business (Tickled Pink BBQ, Sals Pizza , NY Pizza, Maskots, Grand Union (do nice subs!), (many restaurants in town Bocca, Upstate Grill, Mels, Brooks BBQ Chicken) and order your food from them. Some of them deliver, and some don’t. We can help set it up in the barn.. in a buffet-style utilizing our counters. We provide utensils, serving spoons, napkins, cups if you needs.. etc.. People get a plate, move through the line to take the food, grab a drink, and go sit where they are comfortable… inside or outside.. we can help serve as well. Tickled Pink also has a food truck that they can set up and bbq there.

You decide if you want the group eating all together at same time… if you want the players to go first… etc… so that it is understood within your group. Many teams are starving when they arrive.. so they eat first and then pass out tickets to golf, do a few other activities (with a few supervising parents), have an ice cream, regroup to give a toast, and then start to wrap up. Some teams have kids golf and play, and come in whenever they want to eat… Some teams have a number of siblings who get to the barn a bit ahead of the team, and they go right out and get started playing with a couple parents outside watching them from an ADK chair and beer in hand (but keeping eye on them so they are not running around).

If you have a special celebration, toast, gift for coach, a birthday, etc… decide when you want to do that so you have the group together. If you need to store some food, a cake, etc.. you can always drop off early and we can take care of it.

So, it is a combination of being flexible (as the game may run long) but also having some plans as far as how you want to organize the time…As long as you have the food figured out… and there is cold beer on tap… we always have fun.

We hope this helps!

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$10.00 per person, per round (ages 0-4 play free) 

Military Discount $2.00 off per game 

Group Rate: 10 people or more: $9.00 per game 


Bags of Gem Rough

  • $10.00 – 3 lb Prospector Bag
  • $12.00 – 5 lb Lucky Strike
  • $25.00 – 10 lb Mother Lode! (larger stones, fossils, ‘loded’.)



  • $18.00 – 8 inch plush animal
  • $25.00 – 16 inch plush animal
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