Gem Mining

Come experience the fun of panning for gems in a water sluice modeled from those used in the California gold rush! Our gem sluice is lucky, and was designed especially for finding sparkly gems odybuilding routine in 2017 – predictions auseventlanka home anadrol online foods that lift your spirits bodybuilding, fitness and bodybuilding tips sports nutrition workout routines.and minerals .  Your bag of “mine rough” remains a mystery until it washed out in the sluice. We have a chart with examples of some of the most common gems and minerals that you will find.

  • Everyone goes home with real gems and minerals.
  • Have fun and bring a friend!
  • Educational
  • Pick the gemstones you want to keep.
  • Each bag is loaded with stones!
  • Outdoor activity for groups
  • Great for birthday parties
  • Night-time entertainment option
Stay as long as you like picking over the stones and identifying them with our poster. 
Yes kids, you get to keep the stones!



$9.00 per round (ages 0-4 play free) 

Military Discount $2.00 off per game 

Group Rate: 10 people or more: $8.00 per game 


Bags of Gem Rough

  • $8.00 – 2 lb Prospector Bag
  • $10.00 – 5 lb Lucky Strike
  • $22.00 – 10 lb Mother Lode!



  • $15.00 – 8 inch plush animal
  • $21.00 – 16 inch plush animal