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Come experience the fun of panning for gems in a sluice modeled from those used in the California gold rush! Our gem sluice is lucky, and was designed especially for finding sparkly gems, minerals and fossils.  Your bag of “mine rough” remains a mystery until it washed out in the sluice. We have a chart with examples of some of the most common gems and minerals that you will find.

Experience the thrill of panning for Quartz Crystals, Amethyst, Orange Calcite, Green Calcite, Peacock Rock, Fools Gold, Topaz, Aventurine, Citrine, and Carnelian! And this is just an example of what you may find!
Everyone goes home with real gems and minerals.  Have fun and bring a friend! 

Our Gem Mining area is huge fun and even educational!  Folks buy a bag of “Gem Rough” for $6.00 and sluice it through the water, picking out the gemstones they want to keep.  Each bag is loaded with stones!  Stay as long as you like picking over the stones and identifying them with our poster.  Yes kids, you get to keep the stones!


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